About School

The R.S.M International School provides students with a creative and comfortable learning atmosphere. Located in Rampur Ghoghar, Surjannagar. Our school has been shaping students’ minds since 2016. We are privileged to teach over 700 students with our outstanding a experienced staff, all eager to pass on their knowledge and experience.

In this co-educational institution, the medium of instruction is English. The Subjects, taught are English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, General Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science…

The school morning commences with the chanting of Vedic Mantras during Havan Pooja and Assembly. The school takes care of the holistic evolvement of the students by providing them plenty of opportunities for participating in co-curricular activities.

Considering the needs of the hour, Educational exchanges Programmes for teachers and students alike to allow them to learn more about near technologies and cultural milieu of different places are put on the priority

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